Zakk Wylde Has No Concerns About Fans’ Reaction To The Pantera Reunion

Following Pantera’s recent announcement to hit the road after years of inactivity, guitarist Zakk Wylde seems ready. However, it looks like there were some concerns regarding the audience’s reaction to the tour, but Wylde dismissed these concerns as he told Guitar World that their aim is to honor Pantera.

“No, I wasn’t worried,” stated Wylde as he disclosed if he had any concerns about the audience’s reaction. “Because as far as I’m concerned, it’s like giving Dime and Vinnie Paul a birthday present. It’s like, ‘Hey, guys, from us down here to you up there, check this out. We’re going to play your songs for you.’”

He continued, “So, the way I look at it is – and this goes back to when we talked about it when Vinnie was alive – this was always about me honoring Dime, and now it’s also about Charlie Benante honoring Vinnie. But back then, Vinnie called me and said, ‘Zakk, would you be into doing this? Would you be able to honor Dime?’”

“And I was just like, ‘Yeah, of course, I will. Just tell me when and where,’” said Zakk before discussing that their aim has never been to become the original Pantera. “So, ‘reunion’ is a loose term because it’s not us trying to be the original Pantera, and it’s not about calling it a ‘reunion.’”

The guitarist then mentioned his work with Ozzy Osbourne and how he had filled in for Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, and Tony Iommi. He noted that he didn’t imitate these guitarists but honored their work. “It’s like me with Ozzy when I learned the Randy stuff, the Jake stuff, or even the Lord Iommi stuff; I’m not trying to imitate them or be them, you know? I’m paying tribute, but it’s still me.”

Wylde also wanted to honor Dime by staying true to his solos. He stated, “Obviously, I want to try and stay as faithful to Dime’s solos as I can, just like I do when I’m playing Randy’s ‘Mr. Crowley’ solo. So, it’s a fine line, but more importantly, it’s an honor to be doing this.”

It seems apparent that Zakk Wylde has been cautious with his approach to the upcoming Pantera tour. The rocker doesn’t want to call the current lineup a reunion since some of the band’s original members aren’t here, and he and Benante are not there to replace the original members. Thur, he prefers to think of it as a tribute rather than a reunion.