Vince Neil Snubs Mick Mars On His John 5 Comment

In a new interview with Allison Hagendorf, Mötley Crüe discussed their career. During their chat, the frontman Vince Neil shared his thoughts on the band’s guitarist John 5. Apparently, he is one of the best guitarists he has ever heard in his entire career. He explained why:

“I just love his enthusiasm, his guitar playing. He’s just a super nice guy and he’s really hard to hate. He’s the best guitar player I’ve ever seen. The stuff he does on stage… When the guitar player does the solos and stuff I’m not really interested, I go get some water and stuff. But with John, I watch him every night. He does some stuff that I just go, ‘Why do you do that? How does your brain come up with that?'”

Neil Had No Idea Who John 5 Was

The band members are satisfied with the performance of their new guitarist, but the frontman had no idea who John 5 was before he joined Mötley Crüe.

In another interview, with ‘Busted Open Podcast,’ the rockers chatted about their new track ‘Dogs of War’ and their upcoming album.

During the conversation, Vince Neil shared his love for his bandmates and revealed he didn’t know about John 5 before he joined the band:

“When John – I just met John not too long ago. When we started the band ‘cause these guys are going, ‘What about John 5 for guitar player?’ I go, ‘Who’s John 5?’ Then, I did research and stuff and I go, ‘Wow! This guy’s badass, and he fits right in this brotherhood that we have.”

You can watch the interview below.