Gene Simmons Might Have Jeopardized His 41-Year Relationship With Shannon: ‘Chicks Were The Greatest Gift’

KISS rocker Gene Simmons sat down with Adam Carolla for a new interview. During their chat about music careers, he might have jeopardized his relationship of 41 years with his wife Shannon Tweed.

When Simmons said he was a ‘bad guy’ like a baker who doesn’t care about their diet, he was asked why. In response, he touched on his relationship with his wife and explained:

“My beloved Shannon who gave me two kids, we’ve been together 41 years. But for the first 29 of those years, I was as bad as you can imagine.”

He also indirectly admitted to having seen a marriage counselor. He continued:

“There was a marriage counselor, who said, ‘We actually have a term for that, it’s compartmentalization. You may be a decent guy and a good father and all this kind of stuff, but you think you’ve got your own room over there where you can do whatever you want without hurting anybody, but it doesn’t work like that in real life.'”

The Greatest Gift In Life

In the same conversation, the topic switched to different musicians and the role of music in life. The rocker was asked if the greatest gift ever was music. He didn’t agree that it was and responded in short:


Although he has been with Tweed for 41 years, he didn’t mention his wife this time. He even explained if the music ‘helps to get chicks’:

“It helps. Money first. I mean if you’re starving you don’t have any, no. [If you have money, you get chicks] in the beginning. But the most beautiful ones will go with the successful number one guy. It’s life.”

We will see if Simmons himself or his wife will make a statement about the comments soon.

See the interview down below.