Vince Neil On Mötley Crüe’s Hesitation To Record New Songs

Mötley Crüe lead vocalist Vince Neil recently revealed in an interview with Review-Journal that they are not planning to release new materials; instead, they want to meet their fans on tours.

The band’s most recent studio album ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ came out in 2008, and they headlined the music festival Crüe Fest. Later, they performed with the Last Vegas and Hinder during the fall and winter of that year. Then the band toured for Crüe Fest 2 in 2009 and co-headlined the Ozzfest in 2010 with Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Halford.

In 2014, the band announced their retirement and a tour schedule, and they took the stage for more than 70 nights in North America. According to the reports, Mötley Crüe signed the ‘Cessation of Touring Agreement,’ a legal document that meant they would not tour again beyond 2015.

The band hit the road for the Final tour and even played a new song, ‘All Bad Things,’ during it. Besides North America, they also performed in countries like Japan, Australia, and Brazil before the tour ended. Mötley Crüe took the stage for the last time at Staples Center in Los Angeles on December 31, 2015.

Three years after their hiatus, Vince Neil announced that the band was recording a few songs, and Nikki Sixx later revealed that the new materials were for the band’s autobiography ‘The Dirt.’ Despite the agreement, the band started the Stadium Tour in 2022 with Def Leppard and delighted their fans by returning to the stages.

Recently, Vince Neil stated in an interview that Mötley Crüe has become solely a touring band, and they do not have plans to enter the studio. The singer noted that their Las Vegas stop at Allegiant Stadium would prove they are a successful touring band. He also expressed how proud he is of his band, noting that they will give an excellent performance in the upcoming shows.

Vince Neil said the following about their not entering the studio:

“We are strictly a touring band. When you see this show at Allegiant, you’ll see why. You’re going to see something that’s unbelievable, lights and lasers, three dancers. There are a lot of cool special effects and a cool band putting on a rock show.”

Mötley Crüe will be on the road with Def Leppard in 2023 to tour internationally. After completing their Mexico and South America shows, the band will perform in European stadiums next summer before returning to the US in 2024.