Joe Perry Recalls The Time Jimmy Page Joined Aerosmith

Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry recently gave an interview to VWMusic and revealed a special memory when Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page joined the band during a live performance.

Joe Perry has a prominent place in the rock scene as the lead guitarist and founder of Aerosmith. In 1975, Perry initially gained success with the band following the release of ‘Toys in the Attic.’ The rocker became part of the band’s commercial triumph with this record which sold nine million copies. He was on the guitar in the hit singles like ‘Dream On’ and ‘Sweet Emotion.’

After the reunion in 1984, the band made a successful comeback to the rock scene with their fourth studio album, ‘Rocks,’ which included significant songs like ‘Movin’ Out’ and ‘Last Child’ in its setlist. The group’s achievements continued in the 2000s with the records like ‘Just Push Play.’

Throughout his nearly 50-year-old music career with Aerosmith, Perry drew inspiration from notable rockers like Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. Perry was also a huge fan of Led Zeppelin and the band’s guitarist Jimmy Page. The rocker had a chance to share the same stage with his massive influence, as he revealed in a recent interview.

While sharing the memorable moments from his career with Aerosmith, Perry recalled when Jimmy Page joined them while playing Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin songs in the Marquee Club in London. The rocker stated that the moment they played Aerosmith songs together with Page was recorded, and they would release these contents to celebrate the band’s 50-year career in the upcoming period. According to Perry, this was still an incredible moment because he shared the same stage with the musician he took inspiration from while creating their works.

Perry shared the unforgettable moment with Page as the following:

“Another special moment was playing the Marquee Club with Jimmy Page in ’90, which was a big thing for us. We played some Yardbirds and Zeppelin songs, and then Jimmy came up and played Aerosmith songs with us. And then the next night, we played Donington with Jimmy, which was huge. It was a huge moment, and they did a recording of the show for video. It’s those huge moments we loved the most, and that’s the kind of stuff we’re going to be putting out and releasing over the next couple of years to celebrate fifty years of Aerosmith.

There are those things where you look back and go, ‘Holy sh*t, we did that.’ It’s incredible to look at what we’ve done because I still remember sitting on a water bed, writing our first song after listening to ‘Led Zeppelin IV,’ and that’s when we wrote ‘Movin’ Out.’ We were still kids in the garage, so to speak, just like thousands of others, trying to make our mark, seeing what others were doing, and thinking, ‘Wow, I think I can do that too.'”

You can watch the performance of Aerosmith and Jimmy Page below.