Vince Gill Says Don Henley Wanted Him To Join The Eagles

Vince Gill recently joined an interview with and reflected on his longtime music career. When Gill was asked about his thoughts on joining The Eagles, he recalled why Don Henley wanted him to join the band in the first place.

The talented musician Vince Gill started to achieve fame as the frontman of Pure Prairie League in the 1970s and later on, he decided to pursue a solo career. He released fifteen studio albums as a solo artist and achieved vast commercial success. He has also earned 22 Grammy Awards mostly in the category of country music.

Following the death of Glenn Frey, The Eagles hired Vince Gill and Deacon Frey to replace him. Gill and Frey share the lead vocals in the band, and Gill also serves as the co-lead guitarist. Gill’s first tour with The Eagles was in 2017 and he has been a constant member of the band since then.

During the interview, Vince Gill was asked about his joining process to The Eagles and he said that he had never thought that he could join the band. Gill stated that he knew well all The Eagles members for many years so it makes sense that they thought of hiring him to replace Frey.

Then, Vince Gill remembered the question which was asked Don Henley about why they chose a country guy like Gill to join the band. Henley replied that they chose him because he knows what it means to be in a band. Gill said that he really liked this compliment and he is very happy to serve in the band.

Vince Gill on joining the Eagles:

“Oh, no, just nothing I ever thought would be a possibility. But it’s pretty great. Sadly, it came about because of the passing of Glenn and he was an old friend, and I actually knew all those guys fairly well over the years. It makes a lot of sense. Somebody asked Don Henley at one point, ‘Why’d you get the country guy in the band?’ and he said, ‘Well, he knows how to be in a band,’ and I thought that was a great compliment from him. I just love doing it.”

Although Vince Gill is a skilled and successful name, he still received criticisms from The Eagles and Glenn Frey fans when he initially joined the band. They said that The Eagles would never be the same without Glenn Frey but The Eagles members always stated that they are quite content with Vince Gill performing with them.