Paul Di’Anno Responds To Rumors About Iron Maiden Not Paying Him Well

During his brief stint with Iron Maiden between 1978 and 1981, Paul Di’Anno became the first vocalist to record with the band. However, Maiden eventually had to replace him with Bruce Dickinson due to the singer’s drug addiction. As expected, various rumors surfaced after his departure, including that his work with the band was not adequately compensated. Di’Anno addressed this issue in a recent interview with Rock Hard Greece and firmly ended all the rumors.

“I have nothing to comment on that at all because, to be honest with you, it’s nobody’s damn business,” the singer said when asked if there was any truth to the rumors that Iron Maiden didn’t pay him well. Then, Di’Anno clarified the whole matter by giving a clear answer about the actual situation.

Paul stressed that all his effort in the band were adequately compensated. He explained, “I got paid very well. I’m very happy with that. See, if I try to say, ‘Iron Maiden didn’t pay me enough money,’ it’s a bad reflection on Iron Maiden, and I’m not taking that. I got paid very well. They looked after me. End of story.”

In one of his previous interviews, Paul Di’Anno had admitted that Iron Maiden was right to replace him with Dickinson because he couldn’t concentrate on the band enough due to his personal problems. However, the singer shared one regret about his wish to have been able to contribute more to Maiden. After his stint with the band, Di’Anno both embarked on a solo career and also performed with the bands like Rockfellas, Killers, and Gogmagog.