Ville Valo On Seeing Iron Maiden Live, ‘That Was A Big Deal’

There are many metal bands with incredible skill and creativity, but Iron Maiden has continuously excelled in every aspect of their craft. Those who have the opportunity to watch the band live will probably be impressed by this excellence throughout their lives. Former HIM frontman Ville Valo was one of them, as the moment he saw Iron Maiden live has been etched in his mind all his life. As expected, it was the first gig that came to his mind when asked about the top three concerts of his life during a recent chat with Impericon.

“My first big concert was Iron Maiden, who played in Helsinki Ice Hall,” said the frontman, recalling his first encounter with Iron Maiden. “I think it was ’86. They were touring an album called ‘Somewhere in Time,’ and they had W.A.S.P. as their support act. And that was the first concert I ever went to.”

He continued, “I still have the t-shirt; I spent all my weekly allowance for the t-shirt. It’s a bit small — it would look funny on me these days — but I’m hoping to meet the guys at some point so I can ask them to sign it. That’d be great. But that was a big deal for me.”

‘Somewhere in Time’ was Iron Maiden’s sixth studio album. In order to promote the album they released in 1986, they immediately set out for their Somewhere on Tour. The band gave more than 150 concerts in over 250 days with a big production. When this fantastic preparation was combined with the band’s excellence in their craft, their shows were unforgettable even after almost 40 years.

Their stage was so impressive that the audience probably had the most stunning musical experience of their lives. Over 1100 bulbs were suspended from the massive, adaptable lighting equipment that covered the futuristic stage set, which also featured flying spaceships, inflatable props, laser guns, pyrotechnics, hydraulic stands, and backdrops. The band was also very experimental in music at the time; combined with all that visual show, exciting new material, and Dickinson’s incredible vocal range, this tour has earned its place in rock history as one of the greatest ever.