Victoria De Angelis Explains Måneskin’s Aim To Liberate Rock Fans

Victoria De Angelis, the bassist for Måneskin, recently provided insight into the idea that the band seeks to spread during a new interview with the Big Issue magazine.

According to De Angelis, the band is a staunch advocate for freedom‘ and inclusivity, seeking to establish a welcoming environment for their fan base, regardless of individual sexual orientation, gender identity, or cultural background.

Måneskin is eager to inspire their fans to embrace self-belief and muster the bravery to stay true to their identity. Simultaneously, the musician subtly criticized those who remain intolerant, arguing for a cessation of unkind behavior and calling for an understanding of the necessity for diversity.

Here is what the bassist said about the message they want to spread:

“We’re about freedom. So we would really just like to live in a more respectful world, where everyone can be safe and allowed to be who they are, without having to deal with any racism, homophobia, misogyny, or violence of any kind. We want to spread the message of believing in yourself and finding the courage to be who you are. But also… The f*cking idiots should stop being such d*cks, you know?”

De Angelis, who identifies as queer, revealed her optimism for societal progression toward acceptance during the interview. She indicated that there are signs of positive change, particularly within the younger demographic. She further said that she believes that the younger generations are beginning to enlighten their predecessors, fostering a more inclusive attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community.