Vicky Cornell Thanks Billie Eilish For Her Kind Words About Chris

Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell paid her respect to Billie Eilish by sharing a new post on her official Instagram account.

Daniel Craig’s last James Bond movie series ‘No Time To Die’ made its world premiere some days ago. A week after today, the movie will be available in the United States. Vicky was also invited to the premiere primarily because of Chris’ contribution to Craig’s first Bond movie, named ‘Casino Royale.’ Chris recorded and played ‘You Know My Name’ as the film’s theme song.

On the other hand, Billy Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell sang ‘No Time To Die,’ which is the recent one’s theme song. Billy gave a speech during the premiere and paid tribute to Chris Cornell.

In the post, Vicky mentioned that she was delighted to be a part of this premiere and revealed that Chris was proud of ‘You Know My Name,’ which made him the first American male solo artist to write a song for a Bond film series.

Furthermore, Vicky also showed her gratitude to Billie Eilish and her brother for their kind words about Chris Cornell. Then, Vicky praised the beauty of the song by saying that it is very powerful.

Vicky Cornell on the ‘No Time To Die’ premiere:

“So proud to be part of this special evening, especially sharing that moment with my son.

It was bittersweet attending the ‘No Time to Die’ world premiere, which marked Daniel Craig’s last film as 007. Chris’s song ‘You Know My Name’ marked Daniel Craig’s debut as James Bond, which made this especially memorable.

He was so proud to be the first American male solo artist (to date) to be commissioned to write a Bond theme song. We are so proud of you and the legacy you have left.

Billy Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, thank you for your kind words about Chris Cornell. They had our children grinning ear to ear – so proud. And what an incredible song you contributed, so moving -so powerful!

It was an emotional evening, and I’m thankful to friends who have become family for their love and support – Merck, Nile… family, and Rami, you were incredible both on-screen and off – love you.”

You can check out the picture she shared below.

Photo Credit: Vicky Cornell – Instagram