U2’s Bono Recalls His ‘Embarrassing’ Attempt To Sing A Peter Frampton Song

U2’s vocalist Bono recently spoke about the time he sang a Peter Frampton song but was embarrassed by his performance.

Formed in Dublin, Ireland, U2 became a national pride of the country, later gaining a spot among the most well-known rock bands in the world. They extended to the globe quickly in their career, and the band members, especially Bono, are known to be prominent musicians, having established their fame through his band.

He has been talked about in the media for his other ventures aside from his music. The singer is known to be a businessman and received criticism for bypassing African businesses for tax avoidance which he did for activism. Regardless, he is still a well-known talented musician who has been on the scene since 1976 and is still present. Bono’s vocals continue to carry the band with his 3-octave vocal range and inspirational strength in singing.

In his recent interview, the singer spoke about singing the song ‘Show Me the Way’ by Peter Frampton. Best known as the vocalist and guitarist of Humble pie, Frampton established a solo career where he had many hits, including ‘Show Me the Way,’ released in 1975. The song was very well received and became a signature song for Frampton. Bono sang this song in his early years as a singer and stated it was an embarrassing experience.

Here are Bono’s words on performing the song:

“I didn’t start as a singer for sure. And when I tried to be the cover, sing like the Clash. I still didn’t have a great rock and roll voice, and I sang this song by Peter Frampton called ‘Show Me the Way.’ It was in a high school gym. The band was there. I was singing and like, ‘Crap. It’s an awful mess.’

But when I sang that song, something went off. This is excruciatingly embarrassing, and I don’t put people off their breakfast, drinks, or whatever they’re having. But I, a teenage boy, turned the song into a prayer. But something in me wanted to know what to do with my life.”

You can listen to the interview below.