Twisted Sister Producer Says Dee Snider Changed After Finally Making A Hit Song


Twisted Sister producer Tom Werman recently spoke to Andrew DiCecco from VWMusic and revealed that Dee Snider’s attitude towards him changed after finally making a hit song since he didn’t want to share the credit with him.

Highly influenced by the New York Dolls, Twisted Sister appeared in the glam rock scene in the early ’70s. They started to play in the local clubs, yet it took them a few years to find their classic lineup after several personnel changes. When Dee Snider finally arrived in 1976, the band had met its true leader. They began making a name for themselves around New York.

The group released their first two albums, ‘Under the Blade’ in 1982 and ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll’ in 1983. However, they didn’t bring the expected commercial success. After years of great effort, Twisted Sister made their breakthrough with their third studio album, ‘Stay Hungry,’ which arrived in 1984. Produced by Tom Werman, the record included the band’s two most famous songs, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It‘ and ‘I Wanna Rock.’

When asked about Twisted Sister’s breakthrough album and how it was to work with Dee Snider, Tom Werman replied by saying that it was fine, but he couldn’t understand why Snider blamed him for destroying that record in his book. The producer stated that he initially got along well with all the band members, yet Snider’s attitude towards him changed after finally making a hit song.

He doesn’t know why since the singer didn’t give any reasons. However, Werman thinks Dee Snider didn’t want to share the credit with him because their success came after years of struggling. Although the producer tried to make contact with the rocker twice to stand up for himself, he couldn’t get any response from him, which was rude according to him.

Tom Werman speaking on why Dee Snider changed after making a hit song:

“I would say that, generally, they were not too conversive with their instruments. Jay Jay was a forceful personality in the band. He’s a good guy, and he was always reasonable; they were all reasonable, and we all got along, and then Dee turned.

My theory is that he worked for a long time with the band; it was his life – he worked for, like, seven years – and they finally got a hit, and it was with me, and I had a reputation at the time, and he was pissed about having to share the credit of that success with me. I think that was it because he never really specified anything else. He was beyond rude after that, and I emailed him twice to ask if he would have me on his little radio show so I could defend myself. Never heard from him, of course.”

Tom Werman also said that it is not a recent incident, though. Around fifteen years ago, he tried to reach out to Dee Snider but failed. The producer prefers to let it go and doesn’t want to deal with this issue anymore.