Chris Slade Reacts To AC/DC’s Decision To Replace Him With Matt Laug

Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade took to his band The Chris Slade Timeline Facebook page to praise Matt Laug for his gig as the new drummer. The drummer wrote:

“I know Matt [Laug] as a very nice guy from my days of living in California. He is a very capable, teetotal drummer and will put the drums exactly where Angus [Young] wants them…… At the back of the stage. I wish him the best of luck!”

Even though Slade congratulated Laug for the news, some fans took offense to his words. The drummer cleared the air by posting on Facebook once again to explain himself. He wrote:

“An update to my last post and in answer to some people who seem to have misunderstood and made comments which have inferred the contrary. I am not bitter or ‘whining’ and neither did I expect a call from AC/DC. I merely wanted to say that I know Matt well and he will do an admirable job, because I knew a lot of you would ask me!!”

He also apologized for his joke by adding:

“Apologies for my stupid sense of humour, which some of you didn’t get ….. My position in any band in 60 years has always been sitting down at the back of the stage…… CHEERS!”

In his new role, Matt will perform with AC/DC at the Power Trip festival in California next month. This will be the band’s first show since their performance at the Wells Fargo Center in 2016. This will also be their reunion with Brian Johnson, after doctors instructed him to take a break to avoid the risk of losing his hearing.

You can read Chris Slade’s Facebook posts here.