Toto’s Joseph Williams On His Current Relationship With Steve Porcaro


Toto singer Joseph Williams opened up about his friendship with his former bandmate and keyboardist Steve Porcaro during his appearance on Rock History Music. The current relationship between Williams and Porcaro can be surprising, considering the times they played together.

Keyboardist David Paich and drummer Jeff Porcaro met while they were attending Grant High School, and they decided to found a band named Rural Still Life which would become Toto shortly after. Also, they recruited David Hungate, Steve Lukather, and Jeff’s brother Steve Porcaro. The band preserved its fame and commercial success despite the lineup changes because of personal and creative differences that occurred over the years.

One of them was Steve Porcaro’s departure in 1987 to focus on his songwriting and composing career, but he didn’t release his debut solo studio album for a long time. His first record, ‘Someday/Somehow,’ was released in June 2016, including his collaborations with his brothers, Mike and Jeff Porcaro. In addition, he reunited with Toto members in 2010 until they decided not to continue in 2019.

Although Lukather and Williams announced that they reformed the famous group and started touring, Porcaro didn’t return. The musician only sent his best wishes to the band members by highlighting they would be great. Moreover, the host wanted to know whether Williams and the keyboardists were still in touch or not. The singer revealed that they didn’t talk with one another for three years, but he knew that Porcaro was working on a new project.

Here’s what the host asked:

“Do you still keep in contact with Steve Porcaro?”

Williams responded:

I haven’t had much contact with Steve Porcaro since we stopped in 2019, but I know he’s doing great, working with my brother on something.”

You can check out the video below.