Toto Singer Joseph Williams Shares His Plans To Release New Music


Joseph Williams of Toto recently joined Rock History Music for an interview and revealed that he plans to release brand new music material following their ongoing tour.

Joseph Williams is mainly known for his tenure with Toto as the band’s frontman, but he is also a film score composer and solo artist with an impressive career. Williams released his first self-titled solo record in 1982 and several more after his tenure with Toto. His band mates also contributed to his solo work throughout the years.

In 2003, Williams released his fifth solo record titled ‘Vertigo,’ a project he initiated but wasn’t entirely in charge of the production of it. Three years later, the musician released the follow-up titled ‘Vertigo 2.’ In 2006, Williams released a cover album with songs from artists like Elton John and Bryan Adams titled ‘Two Of Us.’

Williams’ latest solo effort, ‘Denizen Tenant‘ was released on February 26, 2021. In 2022, he embarked on the Dogz Of Oz World Tour with Toto and is currently on the road. Although Toto has no plans to release a future album, some fans have been curious whether Williams would release any new musical work.

Recently speaking to Rock History Music, Joseph Williams stated that making a new album is in the back of his mind, although he is now not set up to do one. Williams then said the composing part takes time, so he expects to have an opportunity to start working on new material after the European leg of their tour, which will last until September.

During the conversation, Joseph Williams said the following about a possible new album:

“I’m not set up to do one. I have the itch to possibly get started in the back of my mind, but for me, the composing part of it takes a while. So, probably after the next run that we have in Europe, which is up until September; then I have the rest of the year off. I may start something in that period right there.”

You can watch the interview below.