Tool’s Adam Jones Hints At A New Collaboration With Kirk Hammett

Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently posted a video of Gibson Guitars on his Instagram account, which was the teaser of the collaboration between Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and the famous guitar brand. His post can be regarded as a clue for his upcoming project with Hammett as a part of Gibson Guitars’ new collection.

Previously, Adam Jones started a challenge to invite everyone to share their own Flying V guitars so that they can find the best of them on social media. Kirk Hammett also wanted to take part in Jones’ challenge and he shared his classic Gibson Flying V, which was produced in 1957, by saying that the challenge has been accepted, and thus, he won with his rare Gibson guitar.

In addition to that, Gibson Guitars shared a short video that consisted of Metallica’s iconic song ‘The Thing That Should Not Be’ and old footage from one of Kirk Hammett’s performances with his old Gibson Flying V. This video was seen as an announcement of Gibson Guitars’ upcoming collaboration with Hammett for a possible brand new collection including his recreated signature Flying V.

The fans started to speculate about Jones’ new project with Kirk Hammett after his recent post as he shared the recent video of Gibson Guitars featuring the Metallica guitarist and his Flying V without any caption on his Instagram account. Therefore, it seems that Jones made his fans very excited and happy by hinting at a possible upcoming collaboration with Hammett.

You can watch the video below.