Tony Iommi Shares His Very Last Memory Of Eddie Van Halen, ‘We Had A Really Good Friendship’

Black Sabbath lead guitarist Tony Iommi opened up about his relationship with late Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen during an interview with The Eddie Trunk Podcast, and apparently, the two had a really close relationship for a long time and Iommi was in touch with Eddie before he passed away.

As many of you know, Van Halen was the opening act for Black Sabbath’s ‘Never Say Die!’ tour that began on 16 May 1978 and ended on 11 December 1978 including 100 shows in addition to being the last full tour with the legendary frontman Ozzy Osbourne until the band reunited for Ozzfest 1997.

For the marvelous experience, the iconic lead guitarist of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen expressed his excitement since he was a huge fan of Black Sabbath, stated that meeting Tony Iommi was an incredible moment since he has huge admiration for the Sabbath guitarist.

Here is what Eddie said:

 “I didn’t know they had that many places! But to meet Tony Iommi when I was so into him was really incredible.

Since the tour, the two legendary guitarists had stayed as close friends and during a recent interview, Tony Iommi opened up about their relationship revealing that they were always in touch and meeting up whenever they are in the same town. Iommi also revealed that they were still in contact up until Eddie Van Halen’s passing.

Here is what Iommi said:

Well, we had a great, long friendship, really, ever since they toured with us on the ‘Never Say Die!’ tour in ’78. We stayed in touch. We lost contact for a while, and then we got back in touch, and it was great. We were in touch with each other on a regular basis, and when I’d be in LA, his wife and my wife, and Eddie and myself would go out for dinner, get together – it was great.

We had a really nice relationship, and he supported me a lot when I was ill, and I tried to support him as well. We had a really good friendship, and I did actually, I was in touch with him not long before he went into the hospital, just before he passed away, really.”

As many of you know, Eddie Van Halen passed away because of a stroke at the age of 65 on October 6, 2020, after a long battle with throat and lung cancer due to heavy smoking for years. Van Halen icon passed away at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California with his wife Janie, son Wolfgang, ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli, and brother Alex by his side.

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