Tommy Lee’s Wife Brittany Furlan Shares Her Experience With HPV

Brittany Furlan Lee, the internet personality that has been making videos for entertainment, who is also Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife, recently shared a cervical cancer awareness post on Instagram. She also revealed that she had HPV, but because she was lucky enough to be diagnosed early, the treatment was available for her.

Health care is an incredibly important subject, and in the USA it is always talked about how expensive it can be. An average person with an average income can struggle to pay for regular healthcare. That is something that has been protested over the years. There have been even bills and public statements made by organisations such as Health Care For America Now for the state to provide a better system.

Furlan Lee was sponsored by The Social Good Foundation and brought awareness to a subject like sexual health. She used the advantages of her 2.4 million followers wisely. Furlan shared a post of her showing her uterus area and added pink hearts to show love for her organs. She also added pamphlet-like posts stating that every person with a cervix deserves a PAP and HPV test because early diagnosis is essential for treatment.

Here is what she stated in the caption:

“I am so grateful to have had access to the healthcare that I have had in my life. With that said, there are currently steps being taken to keep women from being able to get a Pap test before the age of 25. I started getting Pap tests at a young age and was diagnosed with a dangerous type of HPV that can cause cancer.

If I had not been able to get that test, God knows what would have happened; if I was left untreated. This is a very important issue that I think deserves a lot of attention. Please swipe for more info and to join the cause.
In Partnership with The Social Good Foundation.”

She mentioned that she was lucky enough to be able to start getting the test at such a young age and was diagnosed with a type of HPV that could cause cancer. The post received a lot of supportive comments from fans, and some women also told their stories about being diagnosed at an early stage and surviving after they are 25.

You can see the photos from her post below.