Tommy Lee Supports Nikki Sixx On His Complaint About Fan Interactions


Tommy Lee recently shared his bandmate Nikki Sixx‘s tweets about meet and greets and stated that he supports not being close to fans. The Mötley Crüe drummer also said he doesn’t like taking selfies anyway and is okay with socially distant meet-and-greet.

The incoming Mötley Crüe ‘Stadium Tour’ with Def Leppard, Joan Jett, and Poison is exciting fans more and more as the commence date approaches. The fans are most excited about their purchased meet and greet opportunities with the band members, but Covid made it very hard for the musicians to fulfill the fans’ desires.

Nikki Sixx explained in a tweet that the band is not taking fans backstage anymore because of the dangers of the virus. He had stated that the fans would be more disappointed if they had to cancel shows for contracting the virus. Fans were confused about whether the band canceled meet and greets, and Sixx clarified this matter.

He stated they didn’t cancel meet and greets, but they would be done with covid protocols, including social distance. The band is determined to stay in their bubble and not endanger anyone since Sixx stated that their tour isn’t about taking selfies; it’s about performing for their fans after numerous postponements.

Here is what Sixx first tweeted:

“It’s been exhausting trying to explain to people why we can’t have guests backstage. Our fans have waited almost three years for this tour. If one of us got Covid and had to cancel the show, can you imagine the disappointment? We’re not here to take f*cking selfies. This is for the fans.”

A fan replied, confused:

“So, I’m just clarifying. Are the meet and greets canceled? Or is it that other guests are not allowed? I bought a meet and greet for San Diego like forever ago.”

Sixx clarified:

“I am just saying random people or even friends. We are staying in our bubble for safety, and when we do meet greets, they are done per our covid protocols to keep it safe.”

After fans got confused by Nikki Sixx’s statements, Tommy Lee shared a post on his Instagram to reveal his opinions on the matter with his bandmate’s tweet. The drummer stated that he also supports this idea and that he is happy about this because he hates taking selfies and photos.

Tommy Lee supported Sixx:

“Thanks for typing that out, Sixx! I’ll leave this right here also cause I’m feeling the same. P.S I f*cking hate selfies and taking pictures in general!”

You can see the tweets below.