Ozzy Osbourne Says Tony Iommi Intimidated Him


In a recent conversation with Apple Music, Ozzy Osbourne opened up about his past with Black Sabbath and how Tony Iommi‘s strong presence in the band resulted in disputes and his eventual departure.

Last month, the legendary frontman joined Tony Iommi at the Commonwealth Games in his hometown, Birmingham. The performance surprised both the audience and his fans as the rocker had recently made the headlines with his deteriorating health condition. As you may know, Osbourne has been struggling with a long-term neck injury and Parkin, a type of Parkinson’s disease.

Previously, Osbourne had discussed how he wanted to get back on stage and perform live. He revealed that his Birmingham performance reignited a desire in him that he thought was lost. With Tony Iommi accompanying him on the stage, he recalled old memories and how the pair performed as Black Sabbath throughout the years. The show was a milestone for Osbourne as he didn’t think he would perform again.

However, the relationship between Osbourne and Iommi wasn’t always this smooth sailing. The two rock stars’ differences in the past led to significant conflicts and inner frictions within Black Sabbath and eventually resulted in Osbourne leaving the band. As he talked about the guitarist, Osbourne revealed that there was a time in his life when he regarded Iommi as his arch-rival. Still, he added that Iommi was really supportive after his recent surgeries.

Osbourne stated:

”There was a period of time when we were arch enemies, but since I’ve been lined up with this surgery I had, he’s been so supportive to me. He texts me all the time, and you know, we’re protecting each other. We just did the Commonwealth Games thing. I was going to ask him how the performance was. It’s really nice to be friendly with someone.”

The Prince of Darkness then answered the question regarding the initial dispute and distrust between the duo back in the day and if it was caused because Osbourne was intimidated by Iommi. The rocker explained that the guitarist daunted him because  Iommi directed the band’s creative direction as the band’s lead musician. Ozzy felt like he had no grasp of Black Sabbath as the vocalist and couldn’t even pick the songs he wanted to perform.

The singer explained:

”I thought they were the musicians and I was the singer, and I didn’t have much to say about what went down, you know? The only thing I did was to try and put a melody on there because it was out of my range. I couldn’t understand what would go to the album tracks and stage tracks. It was tough for a while. At the end of the day, we’d been ripped off by a manager. Then, we tried to manage ourselves, and we couldn’t manage ourselves. We just folded.”

You can watch the entire interview below.