Tommy Clufetos Explains How He Got The Ozzy Osbourne Gig While Someone Else Was Auditioning

Ozzy Osbourne‘s drummer Tommy Clufetos opened up about the time when he turned someone else’s audition into his own during an interview with Eddie Trunk Podcast and revealed that he was to play drums for the audition of guitar player Gus G, however, impressed Ozzy despite he was not even looking for a drummer.

As many of you know, Tommy Clufetos has been working with Ozzy Ozbourne as his drummer for more than a decade and previously worked with numerous successful musicians such as Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, and Rob Zombi whom Clufetos left in order to work with Osbourne back in March 2010.

During a recent interview, Tommy Clufetos revealed that he was actually called in order to play drums for Gus G who was auditioning in order to be Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist. At the time, they did not need a new drummer, however, Clufetos thought it would be a good idea to impress them just in case they might consider hiring him.

Clufetos also stated that Ozzy Osbourne had most likely never seen him play before that incident and every opportunity is an audition according to him, therefore, he plays at his best every time he performs just because you never know what’s to come next according to your performance.

Here is what Clufetos said:

“This was a weird one. I had got called in, it was the time when they were looking for a guitar player, Ozzy was looking for a new guitar player. They got Gus G. to be the new guitar player, and I was brought in because they didn’t have a drummer at the time to do the audition for Gus G.

And that was the first time Ozzy saw me play, it was at Gus G’s audition. And I don’t think they were really looking for a drummer, but to me, I was gonna make them look for a drummer. So to me, it was my audition also at the time, and that’s how I actually got the Ozzy gig, it was from Gus G’s audition.

Now, I don’t know if he had seen me before, maybe a little word had spread, and maybe that helped that other scenario, I don’t know, but everything is an audition. Every time you play, you got to be on, so you never know, even if it’s some audition, every time you go do it, it’s gonna lead you to the next gig if you got the goods, so make sure you got the goods.”

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