Tom Morello Teams Up With Kirk Hammett And Scott Ian To Work On A New Netflix Project

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing a picture with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian, while fans first thought the selfies may be related to the upcoming movie ‘Metal Lords,’ Morello may be hinting at a brand new collaboration with the two legendary guitarists.

As you might know, Netflix’s upcoming teen music drama film ‘Metal Lords’ in which the story of two high school boys and one girl who tries to start a Heavy Metal band and are about to compete in Battle of the Bands is told. Despite the fact that the lead roles have been announced by the official Netflix Twitter page, some fans have been waiting to see if there’s an actual rock star in the upcoming movie.

Recently, the exciting news revealed by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett as he shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing a picture with the executive music producer of ‘Metal Lords,’ Tom Morello in addition to Anthrax icon Scott Ian. While fans were thrilled to see the trio together on the set of a movie about music, Hammett decided to delete the photo, leaving fans with curiosity.

However, it’s a known fact that Metallica guitarist has been focusing on his music projects outside of the band as Santana guitarist Carlos Santana revealed himself during an interview a week ago. Apparently, Kirk Hammett is going to be performing on a song from the upcoming album of Santana.

Recently, Rage Against the Machine guitarist shared a post on his official Twitter account revealing an iconic selfie with Hammett and Ian once again while asking his fans to guess the reason why these three have been spotted together so often lately.

Here is what Morello said:

“What could possibly be going on here?”

While fans have numerous ideas since three iconic guitarists sharing a picture together two days in a row such as a superband in the making, however, it’s most likely about the upcoming Netflix film given the information that Hammett revealed, either a cameo or a brand new song coming from Morello, Hammett, Ian, either way, fans cannot wait as they revealed under Morello’s post.

You can see the Twitter post below.