Ted Nugent Defends Kyle Rittenhouse Against White Supremacist Claims

Gun rights advocate Ted Nugent recently streamed a live video on his Facebook in which he revealed that he is on Kyle Rittenhouse’s side against white supremacist claims.

Back on August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse, who was 17 years old at that time, shot dead two men and wounded one on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin. He and his lawyers claimed that he was just trying to defend his surroundings while prosecutors argued that he was just pretending to do so. Besides, they also claimed that Rittenhouse was looking for trouble that day although the four men involved in the incident were all white.

Prior to the incident, riots had erupted on Kenosha’s streets after police shot a black man named Jacob Blake who became paralyzed after that. Rittenhouse had come there from his home in Illinois, and upon seeing the riots, he got armed with a semi-automatic rifle to protect himself and the property. According to his lawyers, his intention was to help the community and defend himself.

Following the incident, Kyle Rittenhouse faced five charges, including intentional homicide. If found guilty, he would have to carry a life sentence. Although the case became subjected to a long debate as there were many opposing views, Rittenhouse has recently been cleared of all of the charges after claiming self-defense. However, the verdict brought many questions about gun ownership rights.

As a gun rights advocate himself, Ted Nugent felt the need to talk about this issue. He recently streamed a live video on his Facebook page during which he touched upon the incident. The musician said that everyone has the right to defend themselves, and this incident was a clear example of self-defense. Moreover, he stated the prosecutors think one needs to give up and get themselves killed.

Ted Nugent then continued his words by targeting the prosecutors and criticizing the ones who think Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty. Saying that he did the right thing, Nugent attacked the media which claimed that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist. The musician argued that everybody is a white supremacist, including Candace Owens. Nugent then ended his words on this incident saying America needs more people like Rittenhouse on every street corner.

Ted Nugent stated during his Facebook Livestream that:

“You know, you have the right to defend yourself. If ever there was captured on film a more clear and glaring example of pure, righteous, good over evil, self-defense, it was 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse. With the proper weapons and damn good training, and familiarity with that weapon to survive an undeniable evil force to kill him. Well, skateboards can’t kill you. [If] you stand there and don’t defend yourself and let me hit you in the head with a skateboard, see how you’re doing.

According to the vulgar, obscene, devil, punk prosecuting team, the vulgar, obscene, soulless, anti-American, anti-human, demonic prosecuting team in Kenosha, you’re supposed to just give up and let evil kill you. They said it. They said it over and over again. Who are these people? We’re going to dig into these punks. These are the epitome of evil when they say ‘Well, people should be able to take a beating.’

Skateboard to the head, a pistol drawn on Kyle’s face, a mob, an angry, vicious, arsenic-driven, arson-driven, assault-driven, murderous, child molesting, paroled felon, evil mob. And Kyle performed valiantly. I don’t know why he fell down other than he was in fear for his life. He did the right thing. He neutralized evil forces that threatened to end his life. And the democrats are on the side of evil.

You watch these obscene demonic monsters in the media claim that ‘Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist.’ Everybody’s a white supremacist! Candace Owens is a white supremacist! Do you see? Well, I think we do see. [Did] you see what happened in Virginia? The Left got their ass handed to them because their ass is toxic. Good Americans are waking up that the experiment in self-government is not a spectator sport. It’s a sacred responsibility to participate in this gift of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

We declare our independence, and you can’t be independent if you have to call 9-1-1. That’s not declaring your independence. That’s declaring dependency. We need Kyle Rittenhouse, [and] American, good over evil warriors on every street corner in America.”

You can watch the full video below.