Alice Cooper’s Extraordinary Pre-Show Ritual

When thinking about the rock and roll scene and the crazy nature of most musicians, it’s easy for us to link rock bands to doing strange things as warm-up rituals. The history of rock is full of legends that claim some bizarre and superstitious things rock stars do before every show. No matter how weird these things can be, it seems they help them to concentrate before the shows.

For instance, Keith Richards demands one shepherd’s pie with an unbroken pie crust before getting on the stage, and he makes a scene if someone breaks the crust before him. Like Richards, Alice Cooper also has a pre-show ritual that might surprise his fans, who are used to seeing the musician with extreme on-stage acts, including giant snakes and more. Let’s see what unexpected ritual the Godfather of Shock Rock does before his shows.

What Does Alice Cooper Do Before Shows?

Alice Cooper has been performing on the stage and continuously shocking the audiences with over-the-top stage props for over 50 years. Before his stage shows which are designed to horrify and astonish the fans by using fake blood, guillotines, and creepy props, it turns out that the musician has insisted on watching bad kung-fu movies and eating skittles.

In his 2007 book entitled ‘Alice Cooper, Golf Monster,’ Alice Cooper stated that he used to drink before a show while walking around anxiously to get ready. He then said he never eats before a gig, and when he stopped drinking, the rocker began watching Chinese kung-fu movies from the sixties, seventies, and eighties with terrible storylines.

While watching these kung-fu movies, Cooper likes to eat sugary treats as a snack-lover. As many of his fans know, he has been a fan of eating Skittles. However, as he is now 74-years old, the musician prefers another candy named Red Vines, a sugar-free version.

In the book ‘Alice Cooper, Golf Monster,’ Cooper revealed the following:

“I used to sit and drink before a show, anxiously walking around to get ready. After I stopped drinking, I needed to kill an hour and a half. I never eat before a show, which goes back to my cross-country running days. You always want to be hungry. So instead, I began watching Chinese kung fu movies from the sixties, seventies, and eighties.

They’re like bad westerns-there are thousands of these films with guys who were every bit as good as Bruce Lee. They all have terrible storylines. I’m so addicted to them that watching them before a show has now become a ritual.

It appears that the Godfather of Shock Rock surprised his fans this time with his relatively normal before the show ritual. Though many people would expect him to come up with some bizarre habit that may include all kinds of things related to his on-stage acts, the musician enjoys his time with some sweets and movies.