Tom Morello Says There’s Little Hope For Either America Or Music

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently shared a post criticizing this year’s American Music Awards on his official Twitter page. According to the rocker, the show made him realize that there isn’t much hope for the United States or the music that they make.

The 49th Annual American Music Awards took place on November 21 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The show was hosted by famous rapper Cardi B, making her the only female rapper in history to do so, besides with Queen Latifah back in 1995.

While the rock community slams every award show due to the lack of representation of the genre, the AMAs took it a little too far this year. For the category of Favorite Artist of Rock, the nominees were AJR, All Time Low, Glass Animals, Machine Gun Kelly, and last but not least, Foo Fighters.

Although it’s questionable if all of these nominees belong to the rock music genre, except for Dave Grohl’s band, the winner was the famous musician Machine Gun Kelly who often makes the headlines with his relationship with Megan Fox for the past several months.

Since this year’s American Music Awards celebrated nothing but mainstream music as it has done for the last decade, it drew major backlash from people who care about the quality rather than popularity. Tom Morello was one of those people who took Twitter to say a few words on the AMAs.

The rocker brutally criticized the award show, saying that watching even the slightest bit of the American Music awards makes him think about the country and its music. If you ask Morello, the show is living proof that there’s little hope for the United States and the music they are making.

In his tweet, Morello penned:

“Watching even the slightest bit of the American Music Awards makes one consider that there is likely very little hope for either America or music.”

You can see the Twitter post below.