Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Depict Their First Date, ‘We Breathed Each Other’

Machine Gun Kelly and his actress girlfriend Megan Fox recently played a Q&A game with GQ, during which they revealed different aspects of their relationship. Sharing the details of their first date ever, MGK said they had a romantic picnic at Topanga Canyon and ‘breathed each other.’

As many of you know by now, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox first met back in 2020 on a movie set, and they have been in a passionate relationship since then. The couple is one of the most famous duos of the decade, and pretty much everything they do attracts the spotlight.

MGK and Megan Fox are spotted at every event as a couple, and they often candidly open up about their intense relationship. According to a recent interview, the lovebirds live the darkest fairy tale, and their affair has an intensity of first love. The rapper has resembled their relationship to ecstasy and agony, and it’s clear that he’s head over heels for his girlfriend.

Since their relationship is currently under the spotlight, Machine Gen Kelly and Megan Fox played a game called ‘The Couples Quiz’ with GQ, during which they ask each other personal questions such as their tattoos and nicknames. They answered almost each question correctly, proving why they are considered the hottest couple nowadays.

One of the most romantic answers given during the game was about their first date. The rapper took Fox on a picnic to eat sushi at Topanga Canyon, where he bedded thousands of roses on the hill. As if that wasn’t romantic enough, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that they only shared a kiss and breathed each other, which sounds very intimate and touching.

In his own words, MGK said:

“Our first date was epic. For our first date, I picked her up and I had thousands of roses bedded on a hill looking over Topanga Canyon. We ate sushi, we shared a kiss. For our first date, we breathed each other. That was all we did. And then our second date…”

You can watch the entire interview below.