Tom Morello Recalls Sneaking Into Jane’s Addiction Rehearsal

Tom Morello posted a tweet to encourage his fans to re-listen to his interview with Jane Addiction’s Dave Navarro. In the interview, Morello recalled when he walked into Jane’s Addiction rehearsal in a studio and sat down to listen to them for two hours without being noticed.

Jane’s Addiction was formed in 1985 by Perry Farrell who later recruited Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, and Chris Chaney. Navarro was the lead guitarist of the band, and after he joined, Jane’s Addiction reached popularity in the alternative-rock scene. The band released ‘Jane’s Addiction’ in 1987, ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ in 1988, and ‘Ritual de lo Habitual’ in 1990 before they broke up in 1991.

They briefly reunited for specific shows throughout the years until finally deciding to reunite in 2008. They released ‘The Great Escape Artist’ in 2011 and made sure their name wasn’t erased from the rock and roll scene. The guitarist Navarro attended Tom Morello’s podcast a few months ago and had a conversation with him. Tom Morello talked about Jane’s Addiction and recalled the time he snuck in one of their rehearsals, and no one spotted him.

It was the first year of Jane’s Addiction, and the band was rehearsing at a studio close to Morello’s house. As far as he recalled it was around 1987, and Morello got a tip from someone about the band’s presence. Surprisingly, he just walked in and sat down on the floor where people related to the band would sit. He stayed and watched the band rehearse for two hours and was lucky enough to hear unreleased songs, which would later be released in ‘Ritual de lo Habitual,’ three years after the event.

Here is how Morello told the story of him sneaking in:

“I snuck into Jane’s rehearsal off of Melrose. This was maybe 87, something like that. There was a hot tip that Jane’s was rehearsing in here, and I just walked into the room and sat down on the floor. There were some other people sitting down on the floor probably friends, girlfriends, drug dealers, or whatever it was at the time. I got to watch the band rehearse for about two hours, and they played a lot of material that I was unfamiliar with. I think there was a cache of songs that maybe later came out on ‘Ritual’ and stuff.”

Morello was in his first band Lock Up at the time but that band disbanded quickly in 1989. Right after, Morello formed Rage Against the Machine and gained popularity in the rock music scene. Morello has also been interested in politics and creating podcasts to bring musicians together to have conversations.

You can watch the video in the tweet below.