Tom Delonge Explains His Feelings About Making Beat Box In Front Of 110K People


Angels & Airways singer Tom DeLonge shared his emotions after initiating a beatbox jam in front of a massive crowd during their show at Lollapalooza.

Lollapalooza is one of the most historical and iconic festivals in the rock and metal community that has been taking place since 1991 in Chigaco. In late July 2021, the festival made a comeback after going virtual last year.

Tom DeLonge also meet his audience on Saturday during the festival, and he did an unusual thing on the stage. As he explained himself in the post, Tom asked the crowd of over 110,000 people to rap freely over his new beatbox jam.

He enjoyed seeing thousands of people started rhyming about entirely different things and enjoying his beat. However, after about forty minutes of beatboxing, Tom realized that nobody was listening to him anymore, and they were talking with each other.

While sharing this funny story with his followers, Tom also proved that this incident happened by sharing a photo of himself on the stage while beatboxing. His post was liked by thousands, who appreciated his sincerity.

Tom DeLonge revealed what happened when he was beatboxing:

I asked the audience at Lollapalooza to rap freely over a new beatbox jam that I made. It was incredible to hear 110,000 people with an open heart rhyming together about completely different things all at once.

So I kept the beat box going. Only after 37 mins did I realize that nobody was actually listening to me, they were all just talking to each other.”

You can check out the picture below.

Photo Credit: Tom DeLonge – Instagram