Tom Cruise’s Irresistible Offer To Whitesnake’s David Coverdale

David Coverdale was in the midst of a Whitesnake tour when he received an enticing proposition from actor Tom Cruise. Upon learning that Cruise was working with a producer, Coverdale had been a long-time fan of; he found himself in the studio immediately after his concert.

Coverdale provided the vocals for ‘The Last Note of Freedom,’ which was part of the soundtrack for the 1990 movie ‘Days of Thunder,’ in which Cruise starred. In a 2000 interview with Into The Light, Coverdale explained Cruise offered him to participate in this song. The opportunity to work with a British composer he admired who was involved in the song made the offer, particularly appealing to Coverdale.

Coverdale said when asked about ‘The Last Note of Freedom:.’

“You know what? That was a favorite of Tom Cruise.”

Despite being on the ‘Slip of the Tongue Tour’ with Whitesnake at the time, Coverdale would typically have declined such an offer due to his hectic schedule. However, he had already made up his mind as soon as he heard the name of the musician Trevor Horne. This was an opportunity to work with someone he had long been a fan of.

Coverdale had just finished his program in San Francisco and was feeling quite unwell, but despite his busy schedule and illness, he chartered a private plane and flew to the studio to work with Horne. When he arrived, he informed Trevor that he was ‘as sick as a dog’ but that the chance to work with him would be an excellent experience. Trevor understood what Coverdale needed and provided him with marijuana as medicine.

The singer said the following mentioning Cruise’s offer to him:

“Yeah, he wanted, you know, wanted my involvement. I was in the middle of the Slip of the Tongue tour, and I was actually under the weather, and normally I would have said no, I don’t have any time, but the huge carrot that attracted this old donkey was working with Trevor Horne.

You know Trevor Horne, I’m a huge admirer of one of the greatest producers I’ve ever heard, and it was an opportunity to work with him, so I chartered a private plane and flew down.”

He added:

“I tell you what it was, I was actually ill at the time, I’d just finished a show in San Francisco, so I, you know, I took the opportunity of slipping home up to Tahoe, then chartered a plane, flew down, walked into the studio and said Trevor I’m as sick as a dog, if it doesn’t work at least I’ve had the pleasure of working with you. So and he offered me a huge split (a joint of marijuana); that was the medicine I needed.”

David Coverdale had a chance to come together in the studio with the successful composer, whom he has been a fan of, and produce a stunning work. Probably because of this song, fans are grateful that he went to the studio despite his schedule and sickness.