David Lee Roth’s Hysterical Behavior Raises Questions About His Mental Health

During a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Van Halen’s former vocalist David Lee Roth surprised his fans with his unstable reactions and repeated hysterical laughs which led to some discussions considering the rocker’s stability and even addiction to drugs.

Diamond Dave is without a doubt one of the most famous frontmen of all time and he achieved worldwide fame as the lead singer of Van Halen. However, aside from his vocal skills, David Lee Roth is also known for his quirky habits, unexpected reactions, and very loud hysterical laugh.

Some weeks ago, he had a conversation with Joe Rogan during which he once again exhibited some of his classic ‘weirdness.’ However, there were some fans who expressed genuine concerns as Roth’s mood swings, unexpected cries and laughs seemed a little worrying. While some resembled his reactions to a meth-addict, others said it looks like he did acid.

A fan commented on the video which was posted on YouTube by saying:

“His smile is perpetually like the smiles you notice when the acid hits.”

And another fan added:

“DLR got such a methy vibe that this is totally believable. Maybe he’s just eccentric and been through a lot though.”

As can be seen above, some fans interpreted his reactions in connection to drug consumption. However, there were others who claimed that this is just David Lee Roth’s character and that he’ll always be the quirky rockstar who reacts in unexpected ways and laugh at his own jokes.

A fan explained this by saying:

“DLR has lived a truly rich life and laughs at everything. He may seem insane but I think he’s probably just transcended to a different level of consciousness. Okay, he’s probably nuts.”

You can watch an edited version of David Lee Roth’s recent interview below.