The Guns N’ Roses Member Who Was Steven Tyler’s Drug Mule


No one would object to the fact that alcohol and drug abuse have become almost synonymous with rock music and it is very common to hear the musicians struggling with them. The sudden fame and success they achieved drag the musicians mostly into a fast lifestyle, which is hard to deal with for a long time.

There may be tons of reasons why the musicians especially within the rock scene choose to use drugs and alcohol but they are surely a relaxing escape for most of them. We can count a great number of famous names who had battled with their substance problems in their lifetime. One of them is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, who has a long history with his heavy drug and alcohol addiction.

Steven Tyler’s Longtime Battle With Substance Abuse


Aerosmith’s debut and the following two albums quickly carried them to the mainstream and the band started to climb the ladder of success. They reached high selling numbers and they were also extensively touring. However, during the height of his career, the band’s lead singer Steven Tyler also fell into a heavy drug and alcohol addiction.

By the late 1970s, Tyler and also the other band member Joe Perry had difficult times dealing with their substance problems, which led to Aerosmith’s downfall. After this period, the band members broke up and reunited many times. When Steven Tyler used drugs, he was completely unpredictable, and thus, his bandmates advised him to go to rehab or else, they wanted him to leave the band.

It was the first wake-up call for Tyler and then, he made various attempts to get sober and stay clean. He attended multiple rehabs but he also relapsed many times. It took him years to reach sobriety and publicly stated he had no intention of drinking or using drugs again. Tyler accepted that drugs seemed to help him in the beginning but in the end, they took him down and deteriorated his relationship with the others around him. He is happy that he is sober for over ten years now.

Who Was The Guns N’ Roses Member Who Provided Drugs to Steven Tyler?


Back in 2002, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry spoke to Ben Mitchell and reflected on the period they were battling with drugs. The interviewer asked them what was like touring with Guns N’ Roses in 1988 when they just cleaned up. ‘The Permanent Vocation Tour’ that started in 1987 and ended in 1988 was actually Aerosmith’s first tour since completing their drug rehabilitation process.

Guns N’ Roses was the supporting act of the tour, who were also famous for their drug abuse problems. Steven Tyler recalled seeing them in his dressing room the night before the concert and he revealed that he would take heroin from Izzy Stradlin before he got sober. Tyler remembered telling Guns N’ Roses members not to take out any sort of drug and if they do, he would leave the room.

Steven Tyler said that there was a misunderstanding about this issue in the press but they never banned them from drinking. Tyler knew very well that Izzy Stradlin and also other band members used drugs as he would also take it from them. Thus, he probably just wanted to protect himself from not relapsing again so he asked them not to do drugs in his presence.

Here is how Steven Tyler recalled taking drugs from Izzy Stradlin:

 “That whole thing about us telling them they couldn’t drink backstage, that was never said. What happened was the first night I brought them into my dressing room and we were going over something. There was a guy in the band I used to get my heroin from named Izzy Stradlin.

We’d just gotten sober so I simply told those guys, ‘This is my dressing room.’ They’re like, ‘Yeah? No shit.’ I said, ‘Well if you whip out a bindle of coke I’m going to have to leave my own dressing room. Please don’t do that kind of thing around me.‘ That was it. Then it was printed that we banned them from drinking. Never.”

It is very understandable that Steven Tyler didn’t want Guns N’ Roses members to use drugs around him as he had a difficult time battling with it. It is also definitely not a surprise to find out that Izzy Stradlin provided him with drugs as he also had a long struggle with his substance abuse problems.