Courtney Love Claims Mark Zuckerberg Attempts To ‘Shatter Collective Mental Health’

Courtney Love recently shared a post on her official Instagram account and criticized the emergence of Web 3.0., which allows for open, trustless, and permissionless networks. She also targeted Mark Zuckerberg and negatively reacted to his policy.

As you may know, the next internet revolution, Web 3.0. will aim to provide only one account to everyone for social platforms, shopping, and other things so that the people won’t need several accounts anymore. It is still under development, and it will mainly focus on more connectivity and higher performance.

In her post, Courtney Love also attached an article about how Web 3.0. works and why it is of utmost importance. She criticized some of the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She commented on Twitter by saying that it is designed to instigate anger and promote hate speech.

Then, Love talked about Instagram and stated that it serves the male gaze and makes people desire the things they can’t have. She was critical of Web 3.0. due to its attempt to connect all the accounts in one place. For her, it is a violation of freedom. Courtney also referred to Facebook and said that it negatively affects mental health and includes some nonsense conspiracy theories. She also targeted Mark Zuckerberg and implied that she doesn’t intend to use his platforms anymore.

Courtney Love’s Instagram caption read:

“Open. Trustless. Permissionless! Oh yeah! Slumlord platforms. Read the link in bio!”

Here are Courtney Love’s comments on the upcoming Web 3.0. :

“Facebook has been deliberately shattering collective mental health, turning smart-folks moronic.

Facebook is designed to alter behaviors, create psycho conspiracy theories.

Bye Zuck.

Instagram male gaze-f*ck doll even if male, pleasurable images only.”

She also added:

“Instagram or anon shit posting, making us desire things we can’t have of others.

All while extracting and harvesting my personal data, in a lawless manner.

Twitter: also designed for rage, lose our shit, cranky hate speech.

Web 3.0. insert wallet. Embodied freedoms in our own space, no f*cking overlord.”

You can also check out the photos she posted below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram