Bob Dylan’s Subtle Humiliation Of Keith Richards And The Rolling Stones


In rock music history, certain music acts helped define the genre with their distinctive approach and significant contributions. Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones are among those prolific acts with their timeless hits and eagerness to make music despite their age.

Throughout their career, Dylan and the Stones made musical efforts that touched upon social and cultural matters, making them important figures in counterculture. Although there wasn’t an evident rivalry between the two, Dylan once made a taunting remark about Keith Richards and the Stones.

What Did Bob Dylan Say About Keith Richards And The Stones To Humiliate Them?


It’s mostly Keith Richards who comes up with controversial and outspoken comments about others. The guitarist isn’t afraid to criticize another artist with a sharp tongue and express his honest opinions. In a previous interview, Richards stated that there was only one person who he would accept criticism from, and it was Bob Dylan.

As it appears, Dylan actually did criticize him. In a 1968 interview with Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger revealed that Dylan told Richards he could’ve written the Stones’ classic ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,’ but the band couldn’t have written his famous song ‘Mr. Tambourine Man.’ According to Jagger, Dylan was indeed critical of them, but it was a funny and honest remark.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in 1968, Mick Jagger said the following:

“Dylan once said, ‘I could have written ‘Satisfaction,’ but you couldn’t have written ‘Mr. Tambourine Man.””

Rolling Stone’s Jonathan Cott then asked him:

“Did he say that to you?”

Jagger responded:

“No, to Keith.”

Cott continued, asking:

“What did he mean? He wasn’t putting you down, was he?”

Jagger stated:

“Oh yeah, of course, he was. But that was just funny; it was great. That’s what he’s like. It’s true, but I’d like to hear Bob Dylan sing ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.'”

Apparently, Jagger believed this was the usual Bob Dylan and added he would like to hear him sing their ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.’ According to what Richards said in the interview with NME, Dylan was talking about the song ‘Desolation Row,’ not ‘Mr. Tambourine Man.’ But in each case, this didn’t cause any problem with the Stones as they appreciated this subtle criticism from Dylan.