Mark Tremonti Explains Why He Didn’t Pay Much Attention To Scott Stapp’s Solo Works

In a new chat with Ultimate Guitar, Mark Tremonti talked about why he didn’t focus on his Creed bandmate Scott Stapp’s solo efforts.

The interviewer asked whether the guitarist paid attention to Stapp’s solo music. He’s released about four or five albums since then. Tremonti said they’ve all been busy with their own projects and supported each other along the way. He continued:

“You can get kind of guilty of just being in your own bubble. Sometimes, I get people who ask, ‘What are you listening to?’ I’m like, ‘I’m listening to Frank Sinatra around the clock.’ That’s all I’ve been listening to because I’m singing it, and I’ve been practicing and doing the shows and looking for new songs to pick up for the next show and really listening to almost nothing else.”

Tremonti Wants To Play Stapp’s Solo Work On Creed Tour

Mark went on to reflect on his thoughts on Stapp’s latest album:

“So I kind of get trapped in my own little musical bubble, but his new record sounds great. I told him there’s a song he did with Dorothy that is just an awesome song [‘If These Walls Could Talk’], and it would be great to have some moments on the Creed tour where they play that song.”

Creed’s Plans For Their Upcoming Tours

Creed decided to get back together after 12 years. In a May interview, Tremonti said he wants to play a song called ‘Time’ from their 2009 album ‘Full Circle.’ He said the album hasn’t been as popular as their older stuff, but they want to give it a chance this time:

“So we’ll start playing more of those tunes, and you never know, we’ll probably try to play as much as we possibly can in the next year, maybe every song we’ve ever put on record.”

Tremonti also revealed they’re planning to make new music after 12 years. Creed is starting with a 40-city North American tour, called the 2024 Summer of ’99 tour, starting on July 17 and running until September 28.