Tina Turner Shares The David Bowie Song That Leaves Her In Tears

Iconic singer Tina Turner recently sat down with NME to discuss the ‘Soundtrack of her life,’ where she shared her most cherished memories and significant songs throughout her storied career. Among the revelations, Turner spoke about her duet with David Bowie, ‘Tonight’ that always leaves her in tears.

Over the years, Tina Turner has blessed the world with a number of unforgettable duets, collaborating with some of the greatest artists of our time. From her partnership with Ike Turner in the early years to her powerful duets with Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Mick Jagger, Tina has showcased her talent alongside some of the industry’s most respected musicians.

In her interview with NME, Turner shared that the duets she has done with people who have since passed away hold a special place in her heart but also make her sad. One such collaboration is ‘Tonight,’ her duet with the late David Bowie. During the recording, Bowie and Turner sang face-to-face, even though Bowie later re-recorded the first verse after deciding to sing his part in a higher octave.

Tina Turner’s words about the David Bowie song that made her cry follow:

“Some of the duets that I have done with people I cared about who have since passed on, like David Bowie, make me sad. So it has to be this one.”

As Turner continues to reflect on her incredible journey in the music industry, it’s clear that her collaborations with remarkable artists like Bowie have left an indelible mark on her life and career. These powerful connections not only created timeless music but also forged friendships that will never be forgotten.