Timothy B. Schmit On Don Henley And Glenn Frey’s Contribution To The Eagles’ Success


The Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit recently spoke to Katie Daryl from AXS TV and reflected on his long-term tenure with the band. The bassist stated that the band had survived everything during its long career thanks to the songs Don Henley and Glenn Frey wrote.

Don Henley and Glenn Frey are known as the primary songwriters of the Eagles, who wrote most of the band’s hit songs. There are just a few Eagles songs that they co-wrote with another songwriter. Don Henley and the late guitarist Glenn Frey have remained the band’s creative forces despite all the changes in their lineup and sound. These two prominent figures of the group have also shared most of the lead vocals.

Other names like Timothy B. Schmit, Randy Meisner, and Don Felder have also served as the lead singers and songwriters. Still, their contributions to the composition process were more limited than Henley and Frey. Although the relationship between Henley and Frey faced so many challenges, including many disagreements, they still managed to combine their unique writing skills and bring success to the band.

During a recent appearance, Timothy B. Schmit stated that he feels very fortunate to be a part of such an influential band. He is so proud that they’ve stuck together this long. According to the bassist, the main reason for their long-term tenure is the songs written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey. He thinks their contribution to the band’s success is undeniable. For Schmit, if people still come to listen to them, it is primarily because of the songs.

Timothy B. Schmit speaking on Don Henley and Glenn Frey’s contributions to the band’s success:

“When I first caught wind that I was going to be asked because it sort of leaked through my mutual friend of Don and Glenn and mine, J. D. Souther. He used to live across the street from me, and he’s the one that said, ‘I think you’re going to get a call,’ and I almost couldn’t believe it.

I did get the call, and ever since then, I felt so fortunate because I knew this was something big, and the mind-blower is how long it lasted through personal changes, through death, through all kinds of stuff. It’s all because of the songs. The songs that Don and Glenn wrote mostly. That’s why it is important. People are still coming to see us because of the song’s power, and it’s not lost on me.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.