Timothée Chalamet Explains His Biggest Fear About Bob Dylan

Timothée Chalamet recently joined an interview with Josh Horowitz and discussed his greatest concern regarding Bob Dylan.

The actor revealed the following about having unreleased Dylan tracks:

“My most played artist this year might have been Bob Dylan. Not to be on cue. Actually, I got Jeff Rosen, his manager… This might earn the ire and wrath of a lot of Bob fans, rightfully, but he sent me like a 12-hour playlist of unreleased Bob stuff from like 1959 to ’64. A lot of it is online, like ‘The Minnesota Tapes’ and really, really early stuff. But some of it I can’t find online. I feel like I’m holding onto gold or something.”

The Weight Of Expectation

Then Horowitz stepped in and said:

“I talked to James Mangold about this. This is long in the making. I know he’s shown the script to Bob. Have you sung for Bob?”

Chalamet responded, reflecting on his fear about Dylan:

“No, I haven’t. I just saw him live in the King’s Theatre a month ago. There’s some rumor that he would come and listen to the music, but you know… I would love to meet him now, but my feeling for the last four years has been, you know, god forbid, I met him, and he was like, ‘No.’ Look at all this hard work down the drain.”

Intensive Preparation For The Dylan Role

The actor will perform songs in the movie and mentioned in an October interview with GQ that he has been preparing with the same team that helped Austin Butler for ‘Elvis.’ He noted:

“I’ve basically been working with his entire ‘Elvis’ team for my Dylan prep. There’s a wonderful dialect coach named Tim Monich. Vocal coach named Eric Vetro. Movement coach named Polly Bennett. I just saw the way [Butler] committed to it all and realized I needed to step it up.”

The movie won’t cover Dylan’s whole life, just his switch to electric guitar in 1965, which upset many fans. Announced in 2020, the film’s release has been delayed with no set date. It was supposed to start filming in August but was postponed due to Hollywood strikes. Now, they plan to start filming early next year.

You can see a brief part of his chat below.