Dave Mustaine Shares The Handwritten Letter He Received From Ozzy Osbourne

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing a handwritten letter from Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne as he received a gift from the ‘Prince of Darkness’ including a box set.

Dave Mustaine and Ozzy Osbourne have a close friendship that goes back to the time when they had an emotional moment during a golf tournament. As Megadeth’s icon revealed during an interview back in 2016 with Revolver, right before hitting the stage with his band for 2016 Ozzfest along with Black Sabbath, the two got close when he offered him a golf club while with Frank Sinatra to whom Ozzy Osbourne admired deeply. That’s when Black Sabbath frontman hugged him which meant Mustaine is a family member from that on.

Here is what Dave Mustaine said:

“I remember participating in a golf tournament with Frank Sinatra and got a gold club from the event and I knew Ozzy was a big Frank Sinatra fan. So I gave that golf club and he hugged me and everyone freaked out because he did that. Apparently, if Ozzy hugs you, you’re in the family forever which is great.”

Since then, both legendary musicians have a beautiful friendship as they often performed together over the years as well as being supportive of each other as the official Instagram page of Megadeth once revealed Ozzy Osbourne’s opinions on Dave Mustaine with a post. Apparently, the Prince of Darkness respects Megadeth’s frontman for being who he is and not changing it in order to chase music trends.

Here is what Megadeth captioned in the IG post:

‘I have a tremendous amount of respect for Dave Mustaine. Dave’s always stayed true to himself and has never been interested in chasing musical trends. If you ask me that’s been the key to Megadeth’s success and longevity in the business.’ – Ozzy Osbourne”

There’s no doubt that fans love seeing this mutually respectful relationship filled with admiration to one another and recently Dave Mustaine shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing another picture to prove the appreciation between the two as Ozzy Osbourne sent him a box set as a gift with an accompanying handwritten letter in which he thanked Mustaine for having his support all the time.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne said:

“Dear Dave, wanted to share this box set with you. Thanks for your support always.”

You can see the Instagram post and 2016 interview below.

Photo Credit: Dave Mustaine – Instagram Page