The Woman Who Spat On Prince To Escape His Abuse

Prince may be one of the most significant figures in the rock community due to his vocals, live performances, and guitar playing style. However, the musician’s name has also been mentioned concerning several controversies over the years, mainly due to his substance addiction and attitude towards other artists, including Michael Jackson.

Although Prince had a reputation for getting into crazy situations in relation to his drug addiction, nobody saw a confession about him being a violent person coming. In the past, singer and songwriter Sinead O’Connor revealed a frightening experience she had with the musician that shook the whole world; let’s take a look.

Sinead O’Connor Revealed The Incident

For those of you who may not know, Sinead O’Connor’s breakthrough song was ‘Nothing Compares 2 U,’ which was recorded for her second studio album, ‘I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.’ While the song is attached to O’Connor, it was actually written and composed by Prince for his side project’s eponymous 1985 debut album.

Since the song was named the No. 1 world single by the Billboard Music Awards after O’Connor released it in 1990, Prince didn’t particularly enjoy seeing one of his songs achieve success at the hands of another musician. Therefore, he wanted to meet Sinead O’Connor in his Los Angeles home to offer a collaboration.

As O’Connor revealed during an interview, she went to Prince’s house alone that night. When she refused to obey the musician’s orders, things got physical as Prince tried to punch O’Connor in the face. She was terrified and tried to run from the rocker and she spat on Prince’s face in the meantime.

O’Connor’s father had advised her to run and ring somebody’s doorbell in a situation like this which was exactly what she did. After seeing Sinead ringing a doorbell, Prince ran away to save himself. If you ask the musician, Prince was under the influence, which brought out the violent person he hid in himself.

When asked if she ever met Prince, O’Connor said:

“We did meet once but we didn’t get on very well with, we tried to beat each other. It was more he tried to beat me up and I was defending myself. It was a very frightening experience actually. In Los Angeles, he summoned me to his house one night, and I foolishly went alone, not knowing where I was.

He summoned me there because he was uncomfortable with the fact that I wasn’t a prodigy of his, and I just recorded the song. He was wanting me to be a prodigy of his. Five o’clock in the morning, we’re running around, and I’m running and spitting at him while he’s trying to punch me.

Then I had to ring someone’s doorbell which my father always told me to do if I got in a situation like this. He was into pretty dark drugs, to be honest. He left when I rang the doorbell, and I have never heard from him again.”

You can watch Sinead O’Connor recalling the incident below.