Flea Has A Theory About Anthony Kiedis’ Absence From Social Media

Flea recently replied to a fan questioning why the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis was absent from social media platforms with a brutally honest tweet. The bassist seemingly knew precisely why his bandmate wasn’t active on Twitter, as he humorously made a theory.

If you know anything about Flea, then you’ll probably know that the rocker is an avid social media user, especially Twitter. However, his bandmates are not that fond of social platforms, at least not as much as the bassist, who uses Twitter daily to talk about anything from NBA to his favorite films to often interact with fans.

Since Twitter is essential to Flea’s daily life, a user asked the bassist why Kiedis wasn’t on the social platform. Flea gave a quick answer, stating that Anthony wasn’t on Twitter because he was smart. However, he, ironically, took a jab at himself while calling the frontman clever for not using the social platform.

The fan’s question, asking why Kiedis didn’t use Twitter:

“[Flea], why isn’t Anthony on Twitter?

The bassist’s theory regarding why the frontman didn’t use the platform:

“Because he’s smart.”

The following tweets after Flea’s answer were mostly about calling the bassist’s tweet ‘a brutally perfect answer,’ as many also share the view that Twitter might sometimes take too much time over from one’s life, even though most can’t help but use it. So, the rocker probably agrees with what the fans think, considering his answer to why Kiedis didn’t use Twitter.