Alex Skolnick Defends Oprah After Kid Rock Says She Is A ‘Fraud’

Kid Rock has been a controversial figure with his ideology and political stance. He has yet to become the topic of another debate after calling Oprah Winfrey a fraud on Twitter. His comments backfired as Oprah’s audience defended her against Kid Rock, and Testament’s Alex Skolnick also responded to the rapper’s claims.

Kid Rock addressed the Dr. Oz controversy as he was accused of fraud. The musician discussed how the television icon had propelled Oz’s career by giving him space in her show but now turned her back on Oz. Rock called Oprah a fraud since she endorsed Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman over his Republican opponent Mehmet Oz.

“Oprah helped Dr. Oz with his career,” tweeted the rapper. “I assume because she vetted him and found him to be a wonderful person. Now she is against him. Oprah is a fraud.”

Alex Skolnick wasn’t pleased with the singer’s claims, however. The rocker responded to Kid Rock’s accusations by stating that Oprah understood her fault, although she had made him famous on her daytime talk show. So, he is trying to make things right. “No,” said Skolnick. “She just made a huge mistake by forcing Dr. Fraud [Oz] upon us and finally just came to her senses.”

The rapper is known not to care about what other people say as he follows his path by stating whatever he wants via social media. The entire Winfrey and Oz controversy will continue as Kid Rock will surely respond to people defending the television icon.