David Crosby Explains How Being In Prison Changed His Life

CSNY icon David Crosby recently spoke to The Guardian and recalled the time he was in jail due to drug and gun possession. Also, he opened up about how serving time in jail time affected his life and helped him get rid of his addiction.

As you probably know, David Crosby had been struggling with alcohol, cocaine, and heroin addiction for a very long time until he decided to go to rehab and quit for good. His addiction not only caused problems considering his health, but also became the main reason he lost his $25 million fortune.

In 1982 Crosby was arrested for carrying cocaine and a .45-caliber handgun, and he was sentenced to five years in jail. Three years later, he turned himself in and stayed five months in prison until he was released on parole. Crosby wrote new materials and focused on music while in prison and described that time as a milestone in his life.

During his interview, Crosby emphasized that being in prison irreversibly changed his life, which was full of drugs and alcohol. As he couldn’t consume them during these times, it became a different kind of rehabilitation center for Crosby. Also, he realized that he should pursue a healthier life to take care of his family and continue his career as a musician.

Crosby said in his interview that:

“They locked me in a box and I got off drugs, and believe me, it changes you totally. You go from not wanting to live to be very proud of living because you’re no longer killing yourself and you’re taking care of your family again, being a decent guy, and making music.

If you see somebody who’s doing heroin, they’re in pain. I haven’t had a hard drug near me in 35 to 40 years. I’m very glad I got past it. It’s pretty rare that people do get past it, man.

If I had not had somebody to keep me going, somebody who cared about me, somebody I loved, I think I would have ended my life many times back then. Either by accident or on purpose, yes. One of the two.”

Furthermore, David Crosby stated that he completely got rid of his addiction problem and revealed that he could have killed himself accidentally or purposely due to excessive drug usage if he hadn’t had a family to take care of.