The Who’s Roger Daltrey Shares His Last Memory Of Jimi Hendrix Before He Died


The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey recently spoke about the last time he saw Jimi Hendrix during a conversation with BBC’s Romesh Ranganathan. Being one of the few people the guitarist saw around the day of his death, the vocalist detailed a lesser-known story.

Jimi Hendrix passed away in September 1970 from choking in his vomit and asphyxiation while he was under the influence of antidepressant drugs that he took more than the dose recommended by his doctor. Sadly, he became a part of the ’27 club,’ upsetting the entire music industry for losing such a star that is considered one of the best guitarists of all time at such an early age.

In the same week, The Who’s Roger Daltrey had spent some time with Hendrix. He stated in a recent interview that Hendrix went over to Daltrey’s house with a friend and hung out with Daltrey, his wife Heather, and Heather’s friend Katherine. They were singing songs until Hendrix started not being able to talk properly and fell asleep.

Daltrey and his wife discussed that Hendrix was under the influence of barbiturates because his speech was slurring. They were also worried when he fell asleep but only took his boots off to make him comfortable. After ten minutes, Hendrix surprisingly appeared in the doorway, looking sharp. The following day was even more unexpected to Daltrey as the guitarist acted as if nothing had happened yesterday.

Here is Daltrey’s story about Hendrix:

“No one knows about it but myself and about three other people that are still alive. This is the weekend before he died. I was on tour in Germany, and Jimi and his friend, Devon Wilson, came to my cottage in Berkshire. At my house was my wife-to-be Heather and another girl called Katherine.

He and Devon were doing this thing, which gospel singers do, and they were doing it with a call and answer, and they were doing it with Bob Dylan lyrics. So song after song, he quotes one line she’d quote the other. But it gradually slowed down, slowed down until Devon finally fell asleep. It was obvious that Jimi was taking more and more barbiturates, and his speech became slurred. Then Jimi passed out, and then now they’re starting to get worried.

So they put the kettle on for a cup of tea and blow me if 10 minutes later he doesn’t appear in the doorway with his boots back on, his hat on all skew-whiff, and says, ‘Right, I’m ready for the interview.’ I mean, you can’t make it up. That was that weekend, and as I say, he was as right as rain in the morning like nothing had happened.”

Jimi Hendrix is still the most celebrated guitarist in the music industry. With his guitar skills, many iconic musicians cite him as a primary influence, and his contribution to the genre is also undeniable. With The Jimi Hendrix Experience, he only released three albums before he passed away.