The Who’s Pete Townshend Says He Doesn’t Want To Die On Tour

During a new interview with Rolling Stone, the Who’s Pete Townshend addressed his inevitable retirement after a six decades-long career. The guitarist stated that he intends to retire since he doesn’t want to die on tour.

The band recently announced the extensive ‘The Who Hits Back!’ tour, which will kick off in Florida on April 22, 2022, and end on November 5, 2022, in Las Vegas. The shows will be The Who’s first full-band performances since February 2020, and they will be landing in many cities in North America and the United Kingdom. An orchestra will also back the band during the shows.

Some of the shows were actually intended to take place in 2019, but when Roger Daltrey needed to undergo a throat operation, they needed to postpone the dates. As Townshend said during the interview, the tour is not meant to be a farewell tour as they consider doing tours also in 2023. Then, the guitarist reflected on his future career plans.

He recalled the conversation he had with Roger Daltrey, during which he told Daltrey that he doesn’t want to die on tour, so he really wants to retire. He doesn’t intend to stop being a musician, but he wants to retire from touring. Townshend revealed that Daltrey plans to continue being on stage and singing as long as he can, but he has other ideas in his mind. He noted that he still wants to do many other things, so he wishes to spend more time on those.

Here are Pete Townshend’s opinions on his retirement:

“I had a conversation with Roger, I said to him, ‘I don’t want to be like one of these guys that die on tour.‘ I do want to retire. And by retire, I don’t mean retire from being a musician or artist or creator, but retire from the idea that it requires me to say yes to touring for a load of people to get a smile on their face and go home to their wife and go, ‘Hey, honey! Everything is fine! The Who are going back on tour!’

To be relieved of that responsibility, in a sense… because Roger is of the opinion that he wants to sing until he drops. That’s not my philosophy of life. There are other things that I want to do, still want to do, and will do, I hope. I hope I’ll live long enough to do them.”

Later on, during the interview, Pete Townshend also reflected on the possibility of a new Who album by saying that there could be a new album but not very soon as he has been quite busy with many other things. He said he has been working on a new solo project and his debut novel, ‘The Age of Anxiety,’ so he doesn’t have much time to focus on that.