The Who Member Roger Daltrey Considered As A Wrong Choice For The Band

The Who’s legendary drummer, Keith Moon, was best known for his distinctive playing style and remarkable performances. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he revolutionized the drums and has become a great source of inspiration for the countless following drummers. Moon’s outstanding drumming style was an essential part of the band’s unique sound. He didn’t contribute to the rock scene only with his drumming but also his whole life embraced a rock and roll lifestyle. He gained notoriety for his eccentric and often self-destructive behaviors.

The drummer struggled with his alcohol and drug issues throughout his entire life. He was performing destructive acts under the influence of alcohol and various drugs. His problems finally started to affect his career and also his relationship with the others around him. Keith Moon began having difficulty playing the drums and could even barely hold his drumsticks after some point. He tried to quit drinking and get sober but unfortunately, he died on September 7, 1978, from an accidental overdose, prescribed to combat alcoholism.

Kenney Jones Joined The Who To Replace Keith Moon

Following Keith Moon’s sudden death, a difficult task awaited the remaining Who members as it was really hard to find someone who would fit so well with the band’s sound. Kenney Jones was already friends with all the band members at the time. Thus, it is not surprising that he was among one of the first choices that came to their mind as the new drummer of the band.

The band’s guitarist Pete Townshend invited Jones to replace the original drummer, Keith Moon. He contributed to the band’s 1981 album, ‘Face Dances,’ and 1982 album, ‘It’s Hard.’ Jones also played with the band in their extensive tours from 1979 to 1982. However, the drummer decided to leave the band in 1988 after his ten years of tenure. He was replaced by Simon Phillips for the band’s 1989 reunion tour. When Kenney Jones joined the Who in the first place, the other band members had already held different opinions about him. While some thought that he was a good choice for the band, Roger Daltrey disagreed with them on this issue.

Roger Daltrey Thought That Kenney Jones Was A Wrong Choice For The Who

There were already some rumors that Kenney Jones and Roger Daltrey didn’t get along well during their time together in the Who. However, Daltrey always denied that he had any personal issues with him. In a previous interview, he reflected on this issue and stated that he wasn’t too eager for Jones to join the band at the time although Pete Townshend thought that he was a good fit for them.

The singer clarified his point by saying that for him, Keith Moon was such an exceptional drummer that replacing him with some other drummer was almost impossible. Hence, he thinks that they just filled the gap with someone else but he was the wrong drummer for the band. Daltrey doesn’t mean that he personally dislikes Kenney Jones or his drumming style but he just considers that Jones just didn’t match with the band’s sound.

Roger Daltrey speaking on replacing Keith Moon with Kenney Jones:

“I just felt that Keith was such an extraordinary drummer, to try and replace him was just ridiculous. We just filled the gap and pushed it back into the same slot with a drummer who was quite obviously the completely wrong drummer. I’m not saying he’s a bad drummer. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. I didn’t dislike the guy, but I just felt he wasn’t the right drummer for the Who. It’s like having a wheel of a Cadillac stuck onto a Rolls Royce. It’s a great wheel but it’s the wrong one.

At the beginning of everything, when Pete Townshend offered the band to replace Moon with Jones, Roger Daltrey had already opposed by suggesting that they should change the drummer on a project-to-project basis. He reluctantly approved him when the others supported and apparently, he still sticks up with his opinion. Daltrey has always openly stated that Kenney Jones was the wrong choice for the band at the time.