The Weeknd Releases The Music Video Of New Rock-Influenced Song ‘Take My Breath’

The Weeknd has released a brand new music video for his ‘Take My Breath,’ the song which has obvious influences of rock music.

As you may recall, we had discussed the rock undertone in The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ before. For instance, the synthesizer in ‘Blinding Lights’ had reminded many rock fans of some famous bands, such as Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. Furthermore, the low guitar distortion sound in the chorus is not enough to make it a rock song but adds a rock music vibe. Moreover, ‘Blinding Lights’ was covered by numerous rock and metal bands since its release in 2019, proving our claims about the song having rock potential.

On August 6, The Weeknd released a new solo single titled ‘Take My Breath’ following his hit album ‘After Hours.’ Like ‘Blinding Lights,’ this song also has rock influences, as the use of synthesizer and drums resembles how they were used in the ’80s rock music. Furthermore, at the beginning of the track, The Weeknd appears to have experimented with synth sounds and delay pedals.

The Weeknd also released a music video for the song, which was going to air in Imax theaters. However, the airing was canceled due to the video’s intense strobe lighting, which might trigger epileptic seizures. In the video, The Weeknd appears in a nightclub where he takes breaths from an oxygen tank. He also meets a woman who, literally, takes his breath away by strangling him with her long braid.

You can watch the newly-released music video of ‘Take My Breath’ below.