The Angus Young Riff Phil Rudd Described As The ‘Best Guitar Sound Ever’


Many legendary rock and metal bands achieved the greatest fame and commercial success worldwide thanks to their talents and work. Even though this can be interpreted as the best thing that happened to them, it caused severe problems and crises between the band members. The most known reason for this is the competition and the musicians striving to become the group’s leader or the person who will determine their artistic direction.

Although they should support each other, they couldn’t stop trying to be the best in the band, which eventually caused departures and breakups. The power struggle of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and Roger Waters and Paul McCartney’s attempts to lead The Beatles can be considered examples. However, some bandmates credit and praise one another’s creations, and AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was one of them.

The AC/DC Song That Phil Rudd Praised Thanks To Its Best Sound


AC/DC released its sixteenth studio album entitled ‘Rock or Bust’ on November 28, 2014, and it got critical acclaim with the help of its well-crafted sounds and lyrics. It’s known as rhythm guitarist Stevie Young’s first album, who joined the band after Malcolm Young had retired because of his health issues. The band’s longtime fans appreciated and admired the newest member’s performance, although they would always miss the older Young.

The record involved various hits such as ‘Rock or Bust,’ ‘Play Ball,’ and ‘Rock the Blues Away,’ and many others, which became the fans’ favorites in time. It seems that the drummer Phil Rudd agreed with them as he shared his thoughts about the songs in one of his previous interviews. The famous musician revealed that he liked ‘Rock or Bust,’ but Rudd had another one in mind to express his appreciation.

In Rudd’s words, he said:

“I probably like ‘Rock Or Bust’ as much as any of them. It was ten days; it was in and out, in this day in age where it can take six months to get a couple of tracks down, depending on how you go about it. I love ‘Hard Times,’ and the guitar sound on ‘Emission Control’ is out of it, man – it’s the best guitar sound I’ve ever heard.

Rudd mentioned ‘Hard Times,’ and he defined another track from the record, ‘Emission Control,’ as the best guitar sound that he had ever heard that Angus Young created. As can be understood from the drummer’s words, Rudd never forgot to draw attention to his bandmates’ performances, like Young’s extraordinary and unmatchable riff in this particular song, despite the music industry’s competitive side.

In addition, the band started their Rock or Bust World Tour to promote their album on April 10, 2015, in Indio, and it ended on September 20, 2016, in Philadelphia. The band’s whole lineup had to be changed after Rudd’s conviction, Johnson’s hearing loss, and Malcolm Young’s retirement. Thus Stevie Young, Chris Slade, and GN’R’s Axl Rose joined AC/DC during the tour, which became unforgettable for their fans.

You can listen to the song below.