The Two Things Peter Criss Misses About KISS

Peter Criss rose to fame as KISS’ co-founder, vocalist, and original drummer. During his tenure with the band, he became known for his The Catman persona. Although Criss came to the forefront with his drumming skills, he was the lead singer on some of the band’s songs like ‘Black Diamond,’ ‘Hard Luck Woman,’ and the breakthrough hit he co-wrote, titled ‘Beth.’

In the 1979 album ‘Dynasty,’ Criss made little to no contributions as he was recovering from a car accident. After the Dynasty Tour, tensions grew between the rocker and the rest of the band because his drumming skills were fading away. As a result, he departed from KISS in 1980, while Ace Frehley left in 1982. Later, they returned to KISS for a reunion tour but left the band again. Over the years, Peter Criss seems to have missed two things about his former band.

Peter Criss’ Tenure With KISS

On August 9, 1995, KISS performed on MTV Unplugged and invited Criss and Frehley to play with them. After the performance, fans began questioning whether the original KISS lineup would reunite. However, they entered the studio with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer to record ‘Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions.’

KISS announced their plans for a reunion tour on April 16. Four days later, almost 40,000 tickets for the tour’s first show sold out in around 47 minutes. Their concerts gathered significant attention with their first show on June 28 and lasted for dozens of performances. After the tour, in September 1998, the reunited KISS issued ‘Psycho Circus,’ but Criss and Frehley’s contributions were minimal.

Two years later, the band launched a US Farewell tour. Before the Japanese and Australian leg on January 31, 2001, The Catman left the band because they couldn’t agree with his contract salary. Later on, Frehley decided to depart as he wasn’t under contract, but Criss returned in 2003. However, Simmons and Stanley did not renew Criss’s contract, which expired in March 2004. So, he had to step aside again.

What Caused Peter Criss To Yearn About His Tenure With KISS?

In 2001, Peter Criss gave an interview to Associated Press. He said that it’s unfortunate Simmons and Stanley terminated their association with him for the Japanese and Australian leg of the Farewell tour. The drummer then said he would miss performing with KISS.

As reported by MTV, Peter Criss told Associated Press the following:

“It is unfortunate that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley chose to terminate their association with me for the Japan and Australia tour dates. I am healthy and will truly miss performing.

In 2003, when he returned to KISS, Criss spoke to Rocky Mountain News to reveal he missed playing with Ace Frehley. According to Criss, he and Frehley had magic between each other on stage, although they have nothing in common in real life.

According to Blabbermouth, Peter Criss told Rocky Mountain News the following about Ace Frehley:

“I’ve sometimes got a knot in my gut for Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. And I miss Ace, I really do. I wish he were up here. But there are times I want to kill him. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship. We don’t even talk to each other when we’re not on the road. We have nothing in common. Yet when the war paint is on, and we step on the stage, the magic is there.”

So, it appears what Peter Criss missed about being in KISS was performing together with the band and sharing the same stage with Ace Frehley. According to the drummer, there was unique chemistry between him and Frehley, so he wanted the musician to be next to him during shows.