The Truth Behind Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler’s Controversial Oxygen Tube Photo

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s girlfriend Aimee Preston shared a post on her official Instagram page a few days ago, revealing a picture of Tyler, sitting on his chair by the sea. In addition to the breathtaking view and stunning musician, his fans noticed another detail that was quite confusing for many. Tyler was photographed while he had a tube in his mouth which made many fans think it may be an oxygen tube. However, the truth was revealed in the comments section by another fan.

As many of you know, Steven Tyler and Aimee Preston have been dating for the last five years and the couple went public with their relationship in 2016. Preston was first Tyler’s personal assistant before the couple started dating and they revealed their romance at an Oscar viewing party for Elton John’s AIDS Foundation in February 2016. Although many expected the couple to have a short-lived affair due to their age gap, they have been in a steady and happy relationship ever since.

In order to celebrate the Aerosmith frontman’s Father’s Day, his girlfriend Aimee Preston posted a photo of him on her official Instagram page revealing what he’s been up to. While showing the time they spent together at a shore, Tyler actually attracted unexpected attention due to a minor detail, which was spotted by fans.

In the photo, Steven Tyler had a tube going into his mouth, and fans were confused to see this detail as there wasn’t any oxygen tube near him but it still looked like he was inhaling oxygen. Many left comments to ask other fans if it’s anything other than a tube, and that’s when it was revealed that Tyler actually had a camel bag to keep him hydrated which is basically a water bag.

Preston captioned the following statement in her IG post:

“This is how you go on with your bad self.”

A confused fan left this comment:

Is that water or oxygen? Lol!”

Another fan explained the situation:

“Really where is the tank? It’s water he drinks water keeps you healthy and in shape.”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Steven Tyler – Instagram Page