The Tragic Story Of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Finding Out Who His Real Father Was

Eddie Vedder was born in 1964, a year before his parents got divorced and changed Eddie’s life forever. His mother married another man named Peter Mueller, whom Eddie knew as his biological father all along. However, it was tragic when he found out about his biological father.

When he found out that Peter wasn’t his birth father, but Eddie was, he wanted to meet him. However, he had already passed away from multiple sclerosis. When he was a child, he had actually met his biological father Edward, but he was only introduced to him as a family friend, so he had no idea.

The emotional part is that Edward was also a musician, showing that genetics play a role in transferring musical talents to their children. He was a lounge musician, which was a popular genre in the ’50s and ’60s to create a chill atmosphere with easy and soothing music. Even though their styles were different, it could have been nice to have a father figure guiding Eddie throughout his life, according to him.

What Did Eddie Want From His Father?

In a 2018 conversation, Eddie talked about not knowing his father and what he would have liked him to do if he were alive. The singer started by stating that he would appreciate the opportunity to get to know him and know if he loved him or not. He continued to say that he would trust him to guide him through adolescence since he wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Here are his thoughts about his father:

“The first thing that comes to mind really, not having known him or getting the opportunity to know him. Of course, I think just deep down, I just would have wanted to know just if he loved me and how much. I get the idea that he did, but the other nice thing would have been just having someone of my own blood, give me some insight into and what it would be like to grow up and be a man, a good man.

I feel like I had to figure that stuff on my own. Just a few guidelines would have helped, and really, there’s probably no one that you’d trust more than your dad. By the time adolescence came along, I didn’t really trust any adults. I was just having a hard time at that point, and I’m thinking he might have been able to help me through some of that.”

He was interested in getting to know him musically as well. Eddie stated that he recently heard his voice and got emotional while describing his feelings. He didn’t cease to mention that he was proud of him, which showed his sincerity once again to his fans.

Here is what he said about his father’s music:

“I just heard him for the first time last month. You know, the cold thing, it sounded good, the production was good. His voice sounded great. It’s probably the early ’70s, so it’s the end of the crooners, and it sounded like he was maybe kind of getting more towards folk, but it’s the kind of that Gordon Lightfoot kind of thing. But the cool thing was, Steve, he was fucking good. I was really proud of him.”

You can see the emotional conversation below.